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Individual At Risk/Prisoner of Conscience
Our Individual at Risk coordinator brings updates and actions to our meetings. 

We are now taking on the case of Bozorghmer Yorov from Tajikistan. a human rights lawyer and member of the opposition Social Democratic Party of Tajikistan. He was sentenced to 23 years for representing members of the banned Islamic Revival Party (IRPT).

Our last two cases: Magai Matiop Ngong in South Sudan who was 15 when he was sentenced to death for murder after an accidental shooting; he was removed from death row July 29, 2020 and released from prison on March 22, 2022. We then advocated for Maria Ressa, a Filipino-American journalist and author who faced lawsuits for articles critical of Philippine President Duterte. We decided to move on from her case, noting her high visibility and international support, as well as her freedom to travel to Norway in December, 2021, to accept her Nobel peace prize.

The Urgent Action Network

Our Urgent Action coordinator writes an urgent action letter every month to bring to our meeting, when we discuss the background and features of the specific case. We sign, address, and send the letter.

Anyone can join the Urgent Action Network and participate in this important work.

Community Partnership and Dignity in Asylum

Community Partnership and Dignity in Asylum
Community Partnership is a new Amnesty International program to help assist refugees and asylum seekers to reach and settle in a safe country. Amnesty Group 15 has entered into a Community Partnership with Dignity in Asylum (DIAS), a local non-proft organization providing free housing and community support to people seeking asylum. In addition to providing a room for each supported asylum seeker, DIAS also provides daily meals, transportation to lawyers' and doctors appointments, English classes and overall  caring and comforting support, which are all provided by volunteers from the local community. The Community Partnership agreement formalizes Group 15's long standing commitment to DIAS, through donations of funds and household supplies and the hosting of fundraising events. In addition, several group members have provided direct volunteer services. For more information and to make donations:

Immigration Justice
We are focusing on immigration related issues and legislation, educating ourselves, connecting with other organizations and groups and advocating for legislation in the Massachusetts legislature and the U.S. Congress.
Reform the Use of Solitary Confinement

We participate in efforts to reform the use of solitary confinement in prisons in Massachusetts. We also support and monitor solitary confinement reform on a national level.

Abolish the Death Penalty

We are active in Amnesty's campaign to end capital punishment. We focus our efforts on the death penalty in the United States. This photo shows Susan Dodd, a member of our group, with the flag on which she embroidered the names of 1437 Americans who have been executed in the U.S. since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976.

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